Treasures of Christmas- My Favorite Ornaments

First let me say to all of you my tree comes fully loaded with ornaments most of them special in some way. The tree is brimming with memories from my childhood, handmade ornaments from my children’s school and craft times with family members and special gifts from cherished loved ones. 

IMG_20171124_145229_562I take my time looking at special ornaments and talking about them to the kids each year while decorating the tree. I can totally see them mocking me in high school thinking mom is crazy for all this nostalgia however appreciating it when they are adults hopefully and adding some of these treasures to their own tree and doing the same thing with their future families. (Oh God mom moment don’t blink.) My mom had 2 girls so she knew that some day saving all these ornaments would pay off, and indeed mom was right! I have a crocheted Oreo cookie that my great Aunt made when I was a baby and an ornament from my Pre-K Christmas party still represented on my tree. I also have antique blown glass and crystal ornaments that came from my beloved Grandma some crafted with her own hands. I have ornaments with the kids school pictures we try to remember to make with the extras each year (I will cherish that as long as I can hold onto it with a 10 year old). My tree is warm and inviting and clearly stuffed to the branch however my very favorite set is the one from Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland.

If you do not know anything about this magical place (which is on my bucket list to get to some day) it is the World’s Largest Christmas store located in Frankenmuth, Michigan. If that does not sound dreamy enough to you, they have every ornament you could imagine and most of them you can customize with someone’s name. The simple ball ornament with each member of my family’s name is my treasure and something that goes front and center on my tree each and every year. (“This ornament is 4″ tall and exclusively crafted of glass for Bronner’s from Hungary. Hand-painted in white:”) My sister and I were introduced to Bronner’s by our Aunt Sue who is the provider of these ornaments for the entire family (and I mean everyone). This is part of what makes these such a special ornament to me, receiving one means that you are just that, a member of our family, be it a spouse the year you get married or your new baby Aunt Sue makes sure that their name is represented on your tree. This tradition is something I admire and something that I hope to continue as the generations grow in my family. It is the thing that my eye goes to on everyone’s tree in our family and always makes me smile. I have watched my children grow up in the reflection of these simple glass balls, caught my daughter dancing at 2 to her own adorable face loving the way it looked on the soft pink ornament with her name across it and moments like these make them even more of a prized possession Christmas memory to me.




What is your favorite ornament? What do you love and treasure about Christmas with your families? I would love to hear from you!

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6 thoughts on “Treasures of Christmas- My Favorite Ornaments

  1. ourlittleredhouseblog says:

    I could write a book on all my favorite ornaments and the memories they represent. I am so sentimental. I love the little handmade ornaments my kids made and even wrote a blog on it, then there is this little mouse couple in a sled that my mother-in-law made for me and wrote my husband’s and my name on it along with the year we got married. A crochet snowflake from my aunt and other hand made ornaments from love ones who are now up in heaven. I think about all my love ones whenever I put out those ornaments. Your tree is beautiful, it is filled with love. Thanks for sharing.

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