Maintaining Motivation

Truth time… I feel like this has been one of my biggest struggles in the past 10 years! When I was in my 20’s motivation was never an issue or maybe it just wasn’t something I even had to think about. I loved my job, I was always the favorite employee, had great friends to do fun things with without a care in the world and could eat fast food every day and stay skinny and then life happened. Wasn’t it John Lennon that said “Life happens while you are busy making other plans”? Well as life happens more motivation is needed to maintain those goals we once never thought about. Now as a mom in my mid thirties everything, and I mean everything, in my life requires a plan and a means to stick to that plan to see it through. Does anyone else feel like that? And let me tell you #thestruggleisreal I am in a constant battle with myself on what needs and should be done. I have poor time management skills and constantly try to fit more plans into a day then what is physically possible (just ask my poor husband) and I am always feeling guilty, bad or depressed at the end of the day feeling like I did not accomplish what I woke up thinking about.

So the question is how do I help myself? How do I flip my mindset? Is motivation just a figment of our imagination? Are the people that we look up to, the people that look like they have it all really together really more motivated then the rest of us or is it something else that keeps them going?!


So this is my dilemma, am I missing that drive, that motivation or do I just have to break things down more in order to accomplish my goals? Is this a never ending struggle that mom’s deal with I know I can’t be alone here. So how do we fix this? How do we overcome the exhaustion, the excuses, the time and get to the desired outcome?

In this process of trying to understand motivation and avoid procrastination I have 520c01ab27ad735df06b8d1a27de4d4f--inspirational-quotes-motivation-encouragement-success-quotes-motivationalfound some tips that I think will be useful. Tip 1 Remind yourself of your goals. What is it that you are working towards? What is the area of focus? Have you written down your goals and intentions? Tip 2 Make checkpoints. Instead of looking at a goal as a whole, break it into smaller parts. For example when setting a goal to lose weight don’t just think “I have to lose 40 pounds” give yourself a pat on the back for every 5 or 10 pounds. Tip 3 Reward yourself for accomplishing a goal. Give yourself credit, when you hit those checkpoints and do something nice for yourself. Think of something you would like as a reward in advance and mark your tracker or calendar with that reward when you accomplish your checkpoint or goal. Β Tip 4 Don’t be too hard on yourself. GUYS this one is a reminder to myself, life happens, sometimes there are set backs and you can’t just shut down. I do have a tendency to get discouraged when things go “backwards” so in working through this process I began to think maybe this is the key. This could be the piece that I am missing, that those people who have it all together are much better at, maybe they don’t have more motivation but are able to take it easier on themselves and allow themselves some slack when needed.

The one thing I think really helps is your circle of influence. Who are the people in your 5852bf1a8391b61167fdcfc4f8e237aa--monday-quotes-motivational-mondaylife that you look to to get you lifted and motivated? Who do you reach out to when you are feeling down and need that boost? Who do you look to bring you up and keep you there? And, for some people like myself, if you are feeling down and need encouragement, do you have people in your life you can turn to that will listen without judgement or reminders to stay positive but will just allow just venting? Β I think it is very important to have these people to turn to in your life and to be this person for someone as well.

Any tricks you guys use to stay motivated? Any ways you keep yourself and friends in a positive state? Any influencers that you have used to motivate yourself in the past? I would love to hear from you!

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