Is that gum in your hair?! (Or managing a stressful situation calmly)

So how did your morning start friends?! This wonderful Wednesday began with my daughter waking up with a wad of chewed gum in her hair in our house! How could that even happen you may ask, 20170329_154217however with kids there is no telling where food may end up and in this case it was gum in her bed. I was still in bed (not a morning person) when I heard my husband yelling in the hallway, “Oh my God is that freakin’ gum in your hair?!” I jump out of bed and rush to see her and sure enough a giant wad of pink bubble gum in right in the front of her head.  I knew from the tone of my husband’s voice and the need to get our son to school I was going to have to calmly take over the situation so I told her to brush her teeth and I would be right back up with ice cubes. Okay okay I lie and I can’t lie to you guys. I first told her I was going to maybe have to chop bangs into her hair which made my Rapunzel obsessed child really upset and then I told her I was getting ice. I also established the rule in the house that NO GUM at all was allowed upstairs, my son advised me that this should not be a rule for him because it happened to his sister but I stood my ground.

I saw online about the Peanut Butter trick but I was concerned because her hair is so fine that it would break it and be hard to clean out, and recently just saw an Olive Oil trick that looked amazing on You Tube (Link here)  . I have used the ice cube technique when I was younger to get gum out of my hair as well as remove it from my mom’s carpets (sorry mom) before she came home from work. I reminded her calmly that this happened because she was not careful and she needed to make sure that gum and other candy is thrown out properly. We also talked about being responsible and I told her a story about when I was a little girl and getting gum out of my hair myself. She was shocked that I could make such a mistake and I had to remind her I wasn’t always a mommy. We actually had a great conversation and I had her sing to me to distract herself while I was combing the gum out in sections. About 40 minutes later her hair was free of all gum and braided for school and I knew that I could have handled that situation in two ways and I was thankful I took the road of patience. (Plus I think my friends helped by allowing me to vent for a few moments and get a laugh out of the whole thing!)

Important life lessons for this momma, yelling doesn’t always work and surround yourself with a circle of people that make your smile!

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