Finding the time for mom…

Be honest: how much do you even think about this? I can tell you I went through a lot of years of my life and didn’t take the time to worry about me; I was spending all my time worrying about being a good mom, and finding time in my hectic retail schedule to even spend enough time with my kids, and maintaining an always clean house (which I never seemed to catch up on) and I forgot about Sara. And let me tell you what happened…I lost her. Luckily I am finding ways to get her again and bring her back to reality, although it would have been a lot more fun still in my 20’s and 40 lbs lighter but you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit (living my life by Kindergarten rules).

We forget as busy wives and mothers and employees that if we don’t take care of ourselves there isn’t a person that will. I have learned to cherish some friendships in my life; my sister and I are closer than we ever have been now that we are both mothers and my best friend, my wifey, has listened to me lose and find myself about a million times in the past 8 years of friendship. I also have some very dear friends I have made through school relationships with my children. The wine drinking, late night dinners and the long walk and talks I will never take for granted, they are my therapy and my sanity! I am learning that I need to slow down even though life is moving at the speed of light and take time for me. It will be okay if everything doesn’t get done today, there is always tomorrow and if there isn’t, do I really want to be remembered as the mom who has the cleanest house instead of the mom who had fun with her family?!

I haveย to take the time to plan my days so that I can add in “me time”. I decided today that I was going to purchase a new planner in order to help me with just that.ย 20161130_233759The Happy Plannerย is just what I needed in my life. I was so excited to get started in December, to create that 30 day habit before it just becomes a lost New Years Resolution, that I bought an insert to add this month in as well! This is not an ad for this planner, however I am going to gush about it for another moment. This company knows what they are doing. The planners are so fun it makes you want to add information and details to them! They add motivational phrases on pages, they give you a monthly planning page to jump-start your month, room for notes (I won’t have to carry a separate notebook and planner now) and you can get fun sticker packs to make it even more festive and entertaining! Needless to say I am in love and this is just the kick is the butt I need to start this winter off with a bang!

I am ready to take charge of my life again and do what I need to do to make sure that Sara is back in full force! Tonight we left the house without doing the dishes, all piled into the car as a family and went to the gym! Then I did a 2 mile walk with my “mom therapy” walking buddy after I was done with my workout and my wonderful husband got the kids in bed (insert heart eye emoiji here). I am still trying to get into this fitness thing I left on the back burner about 6 years ago (hence the 40 lbs) but I decided I’m really good at Snapchat while at the gym, and my Fitbit was awfully proud of me today so that’s a good place to start!

Let me know how you stay motivated?! Comment below or send me a message, I’d love to hear from you.

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