Thanksgiving Crafts…feeling festive

Thanksgiving is one of the times of the year I love the most, the main reason being it is the closest time of the year to my daughter’s birthday. She was born on the Monday before Thanksgiving in 2010, I was so excited to be on maternity leave from retail I tried to convince my husband that I should be allowed to Black Friday shop with my sister! (Yes I know that’s crazy child birth does weird things to your brain.) This year is my first year (sans maternity leaves) out of retail and out of holiday working hours which is making me feel extra warm and fuzzy and festive inside.

I am excited to get together with my family on Thursday and to be able to leave this weekend and hang out with my husband’s family as well. I am in love with Thanksgiving food (even though every year I have to hear from my hubs how Turkey kinda sucks lol) and I am making a veggie loaded stuffing this year and get to cook one of the birds! I love the kick start to the holiday season; my daughter and I have been nagging hubs to get the bins of decorations out of the attic already which he is strongly protesting until after Friday.

So as my excitement builds I decided to make some Thanksgiving crafts I saw from a resized_20161119_193848fellow blogger on Pinterest. Hooiser Homemade has all sorts of fun crafts that you can do for kids or with them and my daughter LOVES to craft so we decided to jump right in! We bought 2 foam balls for a few dollars at Joanne Fabrics, as well as a bottle of brown paint and a few felt sheets. (Love that I am protecting my table with a Trader Joes bag- they tell you right on them to reuse them?!) I used a bread knife to make flat bottoms on both of the balls and then stabbed a few toothpicks into the small one and attached them. Then I let her go to town painting them brown reminding her to get all sides. I cut the features out of felt and got a few googly eyes out as well, however you could made the eyes out of fabric if you did not want to purchase eyes (or aren’t a crazy craft toting girl scout leader like me).

All the features were hot glued on the bird (yes I burnt myself about 3 times and my husband took the glue gun away from me for a moment, does anyone else do that?)

And then we added a 24 box of crayons because who doesn’t love fresh sharp crayons?! I did grab a couple additional brown ones out of our bin of used crayons in the playroom because I didn’t want the kids table fighting over colors. The printable placemats can be found at Ella Claire’s Vintage Charm .

I am also attaching a template for cutting the shapes of the turkey features and feather you can lay over the felt or construction paper turkey-template . Let me know if you try this one how it turns out on your kid’s table! Got to keep those little hands busy!!!

Supplies needed:

Foam balls – (1) 3 inch (1) 5 inch

Colored felt, thick contruction paper, or craft foam

Small bottle of brown paint

Assorted crayons

Googly eyes


Hot glue

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