Chaotic Day- Comfort Meals

Today is one of those days that call for homey and delicious comfort foods. With everyone talking about the Election, I am thinking about dinner with my family and being thankful that this is how I get to spend my evening. Tops Markets must have realized this week that families needed something delicious and comforting to eat, because their Meal Deal this week ( Weekly Ad for Local Tops ) is a Chuck Roast, something a lot of us grew up eating.20161108_082230

There is nothing like the smell of a pot roast and potatoes and carrots cooking in a delicious gravy…it brings me back to childhood when my Grandma took care of my sister and me. She used to set up dinner for my parents when they got home and then go home and cook for my Grandpa, the kitchen always smelled and felt like home and that is something I am trying to instill in my children as well.

My kids informed my husband and me this week that they are having a mock election at school today. I remember doing this WAY back in 1988 when I was just my daughter’s age (yes I am dating myself) and I thought it was so important, I think it’s part of the reason why I have voted every election since I turned 18. 20161108_090526 At 6 years old I felt like my school vote would make a difference and I hope that even though it is not something that we discuss every day that my kids felt this way too. I think it is funny because we often think that kids aren’t listening (and trust me: at times we know they are not) but then those little ears have a way of wading through everything you thought they missed and surprising you by quoting you at one of your not proudest moments! It was fun listening to them talk about the campaign (much more fun from a 6 & 9 yr old than the media) and it was hilarious trying to convince my daughter that one of her best friends was not actually moving if the vote didn’t turn out a certain way. (She was extremely concerned that she would not get a forwarding address.) So with these thoughts in my brain I decided that tonight would be an amazing night for Slow Cooker Pot Roast.

I peeled and chopped my veggies this morning while I enjoyed my coffee and added those as well as these delicious fresh herbs (parsley, rosemary and thyme) to the bottom of my crock pot.20161108_083652 I seared the meat in my cast iron because I have learned from watching cooking shows for many years now, “the flavor is in the brown” (Carla Hall). I de-glazed the cast iron pan with 1 cup white wine and added the McCormick Savory Pot Roast Seasoning mix. Once that was incorporated, I stirred in 1 cup of veggie stock (I could have used water, but why if I can add extra flavor?) to the pan and then poured over my roast.

I turned my crock pot on low and let it do it’s job while I left for mine for the day. 6 hours 20161108_174053later we all came home to the kitchen smelling like heaven and the kids asking what was for dinner, “Mom it smells like yummy chicken in here” -my son. Well it’s beef buddy but thank you for saying it smells yummy (insert laughing emoji here) . While I had the kids list off 5 fun things that happened that day I took the roast out of the crock and let is rest on the cutting board.

20161108_181952I then made a slurry of corn starch and water and added that to the veggies and liquid in the bottom of the crock pot and made a gravy. In the mean time, I sliced the Italian bread that also came with the meal deal, which is an exciting treat in our house because we never buy it, while the kids excitingly buttered their slices of bread. I poured much needed glasses of wine (Hilarious post about why mom’s need wine) and plated all our dinners so we could sit down and spend dinner trying to talk with our kids.

Slow Cooker Pot Roast

  • Servings: 6
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A comforting delicious meal that you can set up in the morning and come home to enjoy


-Chuck roast (season with salt and pepper)

-6 Russet Potatoes

-6-8 carrots

-1 large onion

-Fresh herb (I used Parsley, Thyme and Rosemary)

-McCormick Pot Roast Seasoning

-1 cup white or red wine (whatever you have on hand or water)

-1 cup stock

-2 Tbsp corn starch (mixed in about 1/2 cup cold water)


Season the roast generously with salt and pepper. Sear in pan on all sides I like to use a cast iron to get a nice crust on the meat. Peel carrots, onion and potatoes and rough chop and add to crock pot. Tie up herbs and place on top of veggie in the crock pot add some salt and pepper to your veggies. Place seared meat on top of herbs and veggies. De-glaze pan with 1 cup of wine, use wooden spoon to remove all the delicious brown bits off the pan, add McCormick pot roast seasoning and whisk to mix. Then add 1 cup stock or water and pour over the top of the your roast and cover and cook on low for 8 hours or high for 4 hours. Once roast is cooked removed from crock pot allow to rest on a cutting board for 10-15 mins before cutting the meat. Mix 2 Tbsp corn starch to 1/2 cup cold water and stir to combine and add this to the liquid and veggies in your crock pot.  Plate up and add some veggies and enjoy!

What does your family like to eat? What is your version of comfort food? How do you get your kids to talk during meals? I would love to hear from you.

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