“We’re out of paint, so…”or Repairing my struggle with lunches


Every night, as I’m cleaning up from dinner or running around to whatever the next event we have scheduled for the day, I’m thinking about what’s for lunch the next day. It’s the parenting struggle to find something that your kids will actually eat, that you are happy to pack them (please eat your veggies and don’t play with them) and that will provide them with enough energy to finish their long school days. 

Yesterday was no exception: running from the moment I left work, stopping at the store for supplies for our girl scout meeting and then rushing to get to the meeting on time left no time to spare. We got to our meeting and ate pizza for dinner…which is always our Friday go to so of course my kids were psyched twice in a row! I mean who doesn’t like LOVE pizza?! But now I am having this internal struggle about my kids not eating a vegetable with dinner. I already know from the stains on their shirts that their Papa gave them popsicles for a snack, instead of something healthy like my note advised them and I start thinking about lunches. 

I can give you a few solutions that have worked with my family! One thing that is helping a ton is getting the kids involved. We started the school year off with alunchplanwkdyex1 bang using these adorable FREE printable lunch calendars from Hello Cuteness. It made my life easier for grocery shopping, planning and discussing lunches on Sundays as a family. If you read my other posts, you will know that consistency is not always our strong suit, but we are working on it. We’re not quite using them every day, but between the calendars and these menu ideas (Healthy School Lunch Planner), it really helped get the kids involved and give them more ideas than just a turkey sandwich and fruit snacks.

The other win in our house for lunches was these AMAZING lunch containers that were purchased as back to school gifts for my children. They are made by Bentology and sold on Amazon Bentology You can get lunch bags that they fit right into, with a front pocket and space for an ice pack as well. These have changed the way my husband and I pack lunches as well as changing the way my kids eat their lunch! A lot less food is coming back on a daily basis and the kids are getting options from a lot more food groups. The containers suggest what to put in them: main dish, fruit, veggie and a snack. The kids are loving them and so are we. It makes such a difference for kids seeing everything out in the open like that and allowing them to munch on different things at the same time. It feels a lot more like snacking than sitting down and eating a whole meal, which for my kids makes all the difference. Here are some lunches I have packed in the past few days in these amazing containers.photogrid_1477074493530

I’d love to hear what you think or ideas you have for making lunches manageable!

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