“Where are your shoes?”

Please tell me I am not the only mom that yells things like that first thing in the morning? I swear, my neighbors must think that I’m a crazy person! I feel like sometimes I mom so hard, but at other times…I am struggling just to get these 2 humans off to school every day or complete any other basic task.

Just this morning I overheard my husband ask my son this very question, “Dude, where are your shoes? We have to go.”  And there is me, the peanut gallery, chiming in, “In the playroom by the sliding glass door!” (This is actually a new spot for him; typically, they are carelessly kicked off and land underneath the playroom desk, where he drowns himself in YouTube for as long as we will tolerate.) Well, who knew I stepped all over that parenting moment? He was actually looking to teach him about responsibility and there I go again having to jump in and fix it! Where do you draw the line in the sand and tell your kids to figure it out themselves, even if it means getting to school late that day?


I am having what I think is a normal battle of the wills with my children in the effort to turn them into responsible young adults that can take care of themselves someday.  Is it too much to expect that certain chores/tasks are done daily and that even though they are children they should be better at time management and be able to fit these into their days?  I have made multiple versions of chore charts that I have seen all over Pinterest and none of them have worked for more than a week with my kids. I like the idea of a reward system (Great one shown here at Your Modern Family Blog ) for something I would like to implement in my household because I think people should be rewarded for good behavior (must be my years in retail talking).

I’m forced to ask myself is the consistency issue something that they struggle with or something that my husband and I struggle with? Is it that hard to make your bed every morning, or put your laundry in the hamper…

20161019_101950I guess when you’re 9, it is, unless this is something you hear every day from both parents. We have begun to fix the dreaded issue of every light being on in every room. For the last two weeks, every time we find a light turned on, we make them travel back to that room to turn it off. And the plates are mysteriously appearing by the sink at the end of meals more consistently



so we should call that one a win! But I dare say that this is one of those times that we need to take a step back as parents and ensure that we are both on the same page. Now God only knows we do not need another list, calendar, graph, etc in the house but how do you create consistent habits of good behavior and an environment for sharing in the household chores?

Join me in my struggle won’t you?!

I would love to hear your comments or suggestion!

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