Changing my career

This is my first official blog post! I took a very scary leap this summer moving from the “known evil” of my previous retail job that I had held for the last 11 year to a brand new career. I had that moment that all mom’s (or so I believe) have when working retail positions, where did all the time go? I felt like my children now 9 and almost 6 have grown up without me being at so many moments in their lives. Could this career change make me a better parent? Could it help me plan our lives and evenings together more? Could it be something that would strengthen our family of 4 and allow us to have more fun?

In some ways it has, we get to have dinner together most evenings and my husband and I attempt to pry as much information as possible out of elementary age children at the table; but then again in some ways it created an opening for everyone to make me busier then I had been previously. I felt as though my name had become synonymous with she can be there or can you do that now that my days off had become automatically recognized. Now I know this sounds like me telling all of you that I regret the decision I made and while I miss the steady income as well as the random week day off alone to clean the house (twisted but it was nice); I would not trade the opportunity to be a part of anything that involves my children. And this career change has offered me the freedom and opportunity to load my life in more fun ways that I am ready and excited to share with all of you!

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